Apostle David Smith has been preaching the gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ for over twenty-five years.  He and his wife, Dr. Linda Smith, began as members of the Church of God in Christ (C.O.G.I.C.).  They remained in that organization for thirteen years until in 1990, by the leading of the Holy Ghost, were led to Kannapolis, NC where they grew up to start a small mission.  Many souls were saved and blessed by the preaching of the pure and unadulterated Word of God.


The congregation increased and their present facility during that time could no longer hold them.  In 1994, God blessed them to be able purchase what is now known as the headquarters for the Blessed Assurance Churches.


God has continued to bless the church to reach other areas.  In 1997, Blessed Assurance Church in Rock Hill, SC was birthed and in 2005, Blessed Assurance Church in Monroe, NC came into existence.


God has so mercifully bestowed upon Apostle Smith a ministry where souls can be delivered by the preaching of the Word, laying on of hands and the use of blessed cloths or aprons as found in Acts 19:11-12.  He has also blessed Dr. Linda Smith with a powerful women’s ministry to touch the lives of hurting and broken women.  Dr. Smith also serves as the Assistant Pastor to the Blessed Assurance Churches.


We cannot fail to mention the part that the late Prophet Vinson Smith played in the formation of the Blessed Assurance ministry.  Prophet Smith, the brother of Apostle David Smith, was led by God to join and help Apostle Smith take the ministry to the nations.  In the early 90’s, Prophet Smith and his wife, Missionary Janet Smith became members with Prophet Smith serving as Assistant Pastor and Missionary Smith served for a time as President of the Missionary Board.


The late Prophet started the 6 am Sunday morning prayer and it continues today.  He also formed a street ministry where he and a team would go into the drug-infested neighborhoods and preach the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Whenever the Lord led Apostle Smith to start a work in a different area, Prophet would go to help prepare the ground by taking the street ministry into the area to minister.  His heart was after souls, which is one reason why he was such an integral part of the ministry.


In August 2005, Prophet Smith passed away but he will never be forgotten.  He was a man of faith and a man of prayer and he instilled that into all that he came in contact with.


Both Apostle David and Dr. Linda Smith have dedicated their lives to winning souls for the Kingdom of God and it is their sincere desire to encourage, strengthen, and empower the body of Christ to become all it can be for the Master’s use.  As Apostle David and Dr. Linda Smith endeavor to fulfill God’s plan we ask that you lift them up in prayer, as they remain yours in Christ.